Optimize your website with AutoRevolution’s comprehensive Website Statistics.

Do you know what your lead conversion rate is? The proof is in the page! Track your traffic, see what type of visitors your site is attracting, and monitor the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. AutoRevolution understands that a great website needs to not only look good, but work well and convert traffic into leads! Our detailed and comprehensive view of your website traffic report breaks down those statistics in a detailed, clear, easy-to-use format.

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Track Your Customers' Shopping Habits

Using the Website Statistics tool in IIM, you can track what pages and vehicles your customers are visiting most, what 3rd party sites are bringing the most customers to your page, and much more. Click the titles below to view an example of the analytics page.



  • Browsing Habits -See if your customers are browsing on desktop computers or mobile devices, what browser they're using, and how long they're staying on the site.
  • Individual Page Tracking -Check what vehicles get the most attention and which convert to leads and sales most often quickly and easily.
  • Search Term Breakdown -Track all the search terms that lead users to your site and which search engines are most popular among your customers.
  • Hourly/Weekly Breakdown -See what times and days of the week your site has the most traffic so you can effectively post new content.
  • Landing Pages & Referring Links -View which pages your users are landing on first when they visit your site and where they're coming from.