The History of AutoRevolution

Where it all started...

In 1998, Brian Metzger was selling auto dealer classified ads for the Austin American-Statesman. In those days, when only 25% of adults in the U.S. used the Internet, print publications were still the most effective advertising tool available to small business owners.

In the course of developing relationships with his clients, and learning their needs, Brian noticed a pattern: his auto dealer customers were clamoring for access to the growing World Wide Web. The problem they encountered was the prohibitive cost of building, hosting & maintaining a website, let alone getting their inventory data sent to third parties, including upstart websites like & AutoTrader.

With a goal of starting a company that could address the unique needs of his customers, Brian set out to find a way to provide affordable website & data services in a growing field that often ignored the financial limits of many independent auto dealers.

In June 1999, Brian started assembling the components for his online software infrastructure. He was also visiting Austin-area car dealers looking for folks who wanted a website. Often he'd show up at a lot and discover they had no computer, they needed help setting up a network, they couldn't get their printer to work, or they just had general questions about an error on their PC. Brian helped out however he could. He knew that if their computers were working, they were much more likely to maintain their online inventory and achieve greater success with their online advertising.

With a belief in the possibilities of mutual success and his dedication to the idea that he and his customers would grow together, Brian started signing up dealers. In the first couple years, those customers were located almost exclusively in and around Austin, Texas. As word got around, though, he started getting calls from places like California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Canada, Mexico, Japan...

20 Years Later

Over the years, our focus on attentive customer service and flexibility through customization has helped us help others. Our reseller program has allowed over a dozen entrepreneurs to offer our services as part of packaged deals to clients of their own. Our hundreds of satisfied customers throughout North America have found success with our simple, effective inventory management software and our data distribution capabilities. Our multiple regional vehicle classified websites have helped connect car buyers with our dealer advertisers.

The company's steady growth and longevity are a testament to the vision that still guides us. Our current list of customers includes several dealers - friends, by now - who jumped on board 20 years ago and who grew with us. We appreciate all of them greatly, and we plan to provide our services to dealers of all sizes for years to come.