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IIManager's Editable Modules give you access to edit your individual pages titles and keywords to best reflect your SEO strategy.

  1. From the IIManager main menu, open the top-left dropdown labelled Return To. From here, select Edit Website Content.
  2. Once in the Editable Pages menu, use the dropdown to select which page you'd like to edit the title or description for. Once the page refreshes, you'll see the option for Page Titles and Keywords.

From here, you'll see three text boxes you can edit, they are:

  • Page Title - As it's namesake, this is the title of the webpage. It will display in bold text at the top of the page, and can influence what title is displayed on Google's Search Results page.
  • Page Description - The page description is a more detailed explanation of what users can expect to find on the page. It will display on the page directly below the page title and can influence what text Google uses on it's Search Results Page.
  • Page Keywords - Keywords are search terms you think users will search to find your site. These can be something like "used cars in austin" or "new Jeeps in denver". Most modern SEO professionals recognize the diminishing effect of keywords, but they're still and important part of the SEO optimization process.


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