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IIM’s Built-In Website Analytics Let You View Your Websites Traffic Data Without Leaving Your Dealership Account.

IIM's built-in website analytics let you view your websites traffic data without leaving your dealership account. Using these statistics you can gather information on how shoppers use your site and optimize your website's content and dealership's inventory to make the most out of your online presence.

  1. From the IIM Inventory List, use the top left dropdown menu and select My Website Statistics.
    *You may need to enable unsafe scripts  in your browser.
  2. From here you can view various statistics on your site. We'll go through them below:
    • First you'll see the number of unique visitors, pages views per vistor, and number of pages unique visit per visit.
    • Then a breakdown total views on your site by Month, Day, Day of the Week, and Time of Day.
    • Visits Duration shows the length of time visitors stay on your site.
    • Top Pages lists the most viewed pages of your site, including how many views the pages have.
    • Referring Links are the pages and search engines that lead to your sites. Here you can get a good idea of how most of your customers are finding you online.
    • Key Phrases are multiple word search terms that most lead people to your site. Key words are invidual words that lead to your site.
    • That last few categories are a little more technical, inlcuding the operating system, browser, and IP information for your customers.

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