Forward2Phone: Communicate With Customers on Their Terms

Let Forward2Phone Help Get the Conversation Started!

Give your customers the power and convenience of texting your dealership in real time!

Forward2Phone is a great way to gather leads in real time from interested users, and to keep them engaged with personalized responses from your sales team.

Benefits of offering a texting option:

  • Many Customers Prefer to Communicate via Text
  • Text Users Open and Respond at Higher Rates
  • Users Respond More Quickly to Texts Than Other Methods
  • Offering a Text Option Increases Customer Engagement

Are you ready to supercharge your lead generation? Take the next step TODAY.

How Forward2Phone Works:

The Customer:

  • Clicks "Forward2Phone" link from SRP or VDP
  • Fills out a brief contact info form (name & phone)
  • Receives a text with a link to the listing
  • Continues engagement via credit app link, callback request, or further texts


  • Receive immediate notification of an interested party via text
  • Continue prospect engagement via the "Forward2Phone" dashboard
  • Have access to lead data in the "Forward2Phone" dashboard
  • Manage "Forward2Phone" engagement threads through the dashboard

Open more lines of communication with your customers.


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